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Company formation in RO

Set up a Romanian Limited Liablity Company now!

We can also help you incorporate your business in Romania.

Full service company creation with virtual office and accounting support.

                               Outsourcing Romania

If you'd like to do business with Romanian companies, our team will help you find the right partners. You can outsource expensive work such as data recording, programming, software development or call center services. We will find you the Romanian companies who do this kind of work for a fraction of what it would cost in the US. You can reduce your expenses if you outsource work that does not need to be done at your location. Outsource to Romania. Our associate companies undertake the assignments for an advantageous price. Our staff is also at your service if you want to build business contacts with other branches of industry. 

                               Outsourcing Romania - Outsourcing Europe

                Outsourcing Eastern Europe

    Why should you outsource to Romania? 

- Romania has been a member of the European Union for years. It's near Western Europe.
- Due to cheap labour, you can save 30-50% of your labour costs.
- The country has a great number of highly qualified professionals, which is a guarantee for high quality work. We work only with companies who have excellent references, well-qualified professionals and high level of foreign language skills.  

                Outsourcing Romania, Outsourcing Eastern Europe 

If you outsource, you will be able to concentrate on the basic business of your company, resulting in higher transparency and efficiency. Outsourcing is especially important in times of economic crisis when the future of a company depends on the reduction of its expenses.
Use this unique opportunity and outsource your expensive labour to Romania.
Whether you look for data recording, call center, software developing companies or other services, email us with your needs, and we'll help you get in touch with the appropriate local companies.

Outsourcing Europe, Outsourcing Eastern Europe, Outsourcing Romania

                   Outsourcing Hungary – Outsourcing Europe

As we also have several business partners in Hungary, we can also offer you help with outsourcing there. Outsourcing Eastern Europe

Establish company, LTD in Romania

Contact us via email: gendacsongi@yahoo.de

Or call us: 004-0742290685 

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